Pianist Jozef Dumoulin (Belgium) redefined the Fender Rhodes keyboard through a scope that is at the same time fully contemporary, eclectic and highly personal. He is the first to present a full solo program featuring the instrument. Furthermore he is known for his open and luminous approach to the piano and to music in general, always anchored in tradition without being burdened by it. Besides the Fender Rhodes solo, his own projects include The Red Hill Orchestra (a trio with Ellery Eskelin and Dan Weiss) and a duo with Benoît Delbecq.
Highly-demanded as a sideman, Jozef Dumoulin has recorded and toured with the finest of musicians in the domain of jazz, improvised music, rock and traditional music. He currently lives in Paris.
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Charley Rose evolves at the  crossroads between jazz, free jazz, folk music like pygmee and moroccan music and other styles,  intense as me tal or hardcore music can be. Great lover of jazz he finds very important to go on studying and leaning jazz at its origins and has particular affinities with such composers as Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Charles Mingus or Gil Evans. In admiration of their work for large ensembles, he composed several pieces exploring harmony, rhythmical refinement and different ways of arranging: an octet named In parallel of his musical studies, he always composed his own music and started to lead his own bands. In 2014 he founded Larchey Zore Quartet and recorded an album in 2018 featuring Jozef Dumoulin who finally integrated the band.

In 2016 he founded Charley Rose Trio with Enzo Carniel on piano and Ariel Tessier on drums to try a different way of composing, for a particular formation that is the bass-less piano trio with saxophone and recorded an album which is going to be released in November with the French

Jozef Dumoulin

Charley Rose

Born in Mont de Marsan in 1987 Wilfried Wilde  graduates from Musikene, the National Conservatory of Basque Country (Spain) as a jazz guitar player, and shares the stage with many of the best Spanish jazz musicians as Perico Sambeat, Paco Charlin, Iago Fernandez and Xan Campos. In 2011, he wins the Keep an Eye European Competition as best soloist; the jury said that he is «a gifted guitar player, who communicates his ideas on stage with great eloquence».
In 2015, he joins the Larchey Zore  Quartet as a bass player, then becomes the guitar player for the recording in 2018. He now lives in Galicia, where he plays guitar in the Iago Fernandez Quintet and teaches at the Pontevedra jazz seminary and participates to many Spanish festivals. In 2017, he records his first album as a leader on the famous Spanish label Fresh Sound, Oscilenscope.

Wilfried Wilde

Larchey Zore Quartet

Thibault PerriardD rummer of 5tet OXYD (Django d'Or in 2010, Jazz winners in Vienna and Sunside Trophies where he won as a soloist a Special Mention from the jury), he also performs with Marc Ducret, Nelson Veras, Magic Malik, and is particularly involved in the Paris collective Onze heures Onze.

Guitarist and lead singer of the group TOMBOY, he signed with P.M.Barbier the credits of Guillaume à la Dérive, S. Dieuaide, and of Jalouse, D.Foenkinos, both nominated for the 2018 Césars.

As an actor, he co-wrote with the company La Vie Brève (Jeanne Candel, Samuel Achache) Didon and Enée / Le Crocodile Trompeur, Molière 2014 in musical theater; then Fugue, presented in the IN of the Avignon Festival 2015; then Crack in the sky with Judith Chemla, creation at the Bouffes du Nord in 2016, and finally ORFEO / I am dead in Arcadia presented at the Musica de Strasbourg 2017. He writes and realizes Ce qui survit du murmure, a solo performance of 12h (music , theater, installations), Festival Surrealizm de Carcassonne, 2016. He co-wrote with Antonin Tri-Hoang and Jeanne Suzin Chewing gum Silence, musical show produced by Banlieues Bleues and presented in 2019 at the Philarmonie de Paris. He co-writes the musical show L'oreille de Denys, creation 2019 at POP, Paris, directed by Jeanne Candel, in which he plays Denys and creates an installation to make an entire barge a musical instrument. He creates the musical creation of the Illphabetes, from Bergman's Scenes from the conjugal life, with Lionel Gonzales and Gina Calinoiu, premiered in February 2019 at the TGP (Saint Denis). Finally, he created the music for Alabama Song, a new creation by Guillaume Barbot at the La Tempête theater in spring 2020, and in which he plays the role of writer Scott Fitgerald.

Thibault Perriard

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